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JoyCus: An Illustration System



In early 2019, we started a pitch at Loycus where I had the chance to develop - for the first time in my life - a style for the new illustration system. This system was going to be used all over the Loycus Platform. Crazy enough the style that I proposed ended up being selected to define Loycus Illustration's new identity.

I called the new style “JoyCus”, a mix between the words Joy-ful and Cus-tomer. My intention was creating characters where joyfulness was part of the illustration core.

After a long process of hard work from the amazing Loycus team, we agreed that my illustrations were going to be the starting point in creating a style guide and a toolkit. This style defined the palettes, forms, and animations.


02Human Figures

Human figures are used to add warmth, they help build an emotional connection and tell the story. Characters are stylized and not anatomically precise. Composed of irregular shapes, characters are designed for corporal expression rather than individual identity or a face expression itself.


03Exaggerated Forms

At the essence of Product, Illustration is the clever use of simple primary shapes. Landscapes, animals, and people are created by adding and subtracting geometric shapes from one another.


04Visual Principles

Illustrations can create inspiring content for the context of what is being served. Exaggerated forms are used for their expressive nature and ability to fit into tight compositions. This unique style is important for achieving effective integration between product interactions and product environment.


05Project Lessons

Be open to new projects. As a UI - UX Designer sometimes we tend to forget other divisions of design, and turns out you can be really talented in some other areas as illustration, data analysis, etc.

Illustration System