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I'm a full-stack product designer with years of experience in visual and interaction design, capable of crafting world-class products from scratch.

My most recent work was with Loycus App where I'm currently designing for some of its core offerings like Social Media Engagement, Social Advertising and a CRM Software for all sizes companies that helped integrate all their social marketing needs under one roof. Working with the design team for six months in this young, rapidly growing enterprise startup environment - taught me how to balance business goals and engineering constraints as I unrelentingly advocated for the user.

I graduated from The Institute of Design of Caracas, Venezuela with a degree in Graphic Design and then I did my first MA in Graphic Media at the University of The Arts: London. I love human-centered design methods and everything that is related to inclusive design.

I grew up between so many cultures that my ability to quickly adjust to new challenges in life comes from that. Owing to my diverse upbringing, I embrace all cultures and try to bring it to the designs I create.

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